How to live your best life: The benefits of a senior living community

February 1, 2024

As an individual of retirement age one of the things you may be contemplating is whether you’d be happier at home or making a move to a senior living community. Communities such as Longview provide many seniors with a higher quality of life, and studies indicate seniors living in retirement communities may be living longer and stronger, meaning they become frail less quickly than those who remain in their own home. Residents of retirement communities enjoy better health and could potentially live longer because of it. There is a good deal of research that shows increased numbers of older adults exhibiting depression, anxiety and social isolation as they age. On the flip side, there is also research that points to the benefit of living in a community setting as you get older where you have access to social connections which also improves one’s well-being and overall health. 

Where you’ll be happiest in your retirement years is a highly personal decision, but the research shows that the majority of people are happier as residents of senior living communities than they are living alone. 

Interacting with people every day, people who are in close proximity, improves your resilience and immunity.” Susan Pinker: Author of “The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier, Happier, and Smarter”

This means if you’re questioning, “Are people happy in senior living communities?” There is evidence the answer is “yes.”

Statistics and numbers aside, there are plenty of explanations for how retirement communities offer such an appealing lifestyle.

Fewer responsibilities

As a resident of a senior living community, you have fewer chores and duties that demand your attention. Even seniors who want to maintain a home find that physical strength, injuries, and other circumstances can make it challenging to fulfill those duties over time. One of the benefits of many senior retirement homes is the opportunity to enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, with interior and exterior maintenance and housekeeping provided.

Lower levels of stress

Aging can be stressful! The many changes that come with advancing years, including health concerns and worries about things like your financial future, can create a lot of anxiety and mental strain. Settling into retirement community living, where you have a better idea of what the future holds, can help ease your mind tremendously. Among the advantages of such communities, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future needs can be met right within the community, even if you require additional levels of support down the road.

Support to achieve goals

Older adults living on their own have a great deal of personal responsibility for setting and achieving goals. Through Longview’s 25 year community partnership with Ithaca College, Longview residents have access to a wide range of academic and wellness activities to continue their learning journey. Longview and its partnership with Ithaca College focuses on whole-person wellness to create a more enriching life, whether it’s satisfying a lifelong curiosity through lifelong learning or building strength to take to the dance floor.

Opportunities to socialize

Numerous studies have shown links between loneliness and mental and physical health concerns. Isolation causes stress, which can in turn affect your heart health and weaken your immune system. As residents know well, neighbors are often among the greatest benefits of senior living communities. Having like-minded peers to share daily activities and the ups and downs of life creates a sense of belonging that is good for your emotional well-being. Social seniors are also likely to be more active seniors, and engaging with others helps stimulate cognitive function, too.

Healthier lifestyles

You may be thinking, “But do people in senior living communities live longer?” Logically, the answer is yes. Residents of senior living communities have access to numerous resources that make healthier living, and thereby living longer, easier. At Longview not only do you have access to nutritious meals that align with your dietary needs, you also have access to a fitness center, swimming pool and group classes to keep your strength up and body moving. Ithaca College also offers wellness education courses and other programs that help empower seniors to take charge of their health.

Sense of security

At Longview’s retirement community in Ithaca, NY, you can expect to get assistance from staff on duty 24 hours a day. In addition, the premises provide security cameras and overnight staff to do routine checks of the grounds. Other measures that Longview implements to protect your safety include disaster preparedness, access to generators when power fails, and even details like checking your smoke alarm batteries regularly.

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