Is Everything.

Our scenic 34-acre senior living campus in Ithaca, NY is nestled high above Cayuga Lake with pastoral views of Finger Lakes hills and farms. Dense woodlands at the back of the Longview property adjoin Buttermilk Falls State Park, featuring one of the many gorges in the well-known tagline, “Ithaca is gorges.” The peaceful nature trail and wildlife preserve on our campus is cherished by residents, visitors, and staff.

It’s not just “gorges” views though! Downtown Ithaca is the city’s cultural and economic center, featuring a two-block pedestrian friendly mall. Known as The Ithaca Commons, this space is filled with unique shops and restaurants.

Longview is an engaged, friendly community where our residents maintain independence and pursue personal growth - as we say, taking the long view of life.

Why We’re Unique

Learning about Longview’s living options and services is just the first step in exploring the unique, satisfying lifestyle awaiting you. Click below for some of the many highlights that elevate Longview from a place to live to an engaging community where you can grow and thrive. You can also learn here about Longview’s community outreach programs and why “Ithaca is Gorges”.

Ithaca College Partnership

Many senior communities talk in vague terms about some type of college affiliation. Only a few in the nation come even close to the unique and active program-based relationship Longview has with Ithaca College. We’re known nationally and even internationally for this innovative and powerful 25-year collaboration.


Your well-being is not just part of Longview’s mission, it IS our mission! We’re here to help you achieve a balanced, fulfilling life that engages your mind, strengthens your body, and feeds your spirit.

Expand your knowledge and worldview by enrolling in free classes at Ithaca College or attend lectures at Longview in our IC classroom.

Strengthen your body with guided exercise classes, exercise independently in our fitness room, or get outside on Longview's woodland nature trail.

Explore your spiritual side privately or in community with others, with or without guidance from our ordained staff. Longview is inclusive and we are respectful to all forms of spiritual expression with offerings to match, and respectful of those with no particular belief system.


Our friendly, creative recreation team offers something for everyone. It’s so easy here to be as active and engaged as you want. Residents enjoy games, movies, painting, pottery, gardening, sewing, quilting, carpentry, parties, holiday celebrations, music, art exhibits, concerts, recitals, sporting events and much more. The weekly calendar is teeming with so much to do!

Adult Day Community

Longview’s Adult Day Community is licensed by the New York State Department of Health and is the only program of its kind in Tompkins County. We invite older adults in the Ithaca community to join us starting at 9 AM and ending at 3 PM, Monday through Friday.

During this time, we provide lunch and snacks throughout a day filled with fun activities, visits from Ithaca College students and preschoolers, and even appearances from our resident dogs and cats! Enrollment may be from 2 days up to all 5, with 8 spots available each day. Pick-up and drop-off are provided by family, friends, or paid transportation.

Granddaughter walking with senior woman in park wearing winter clothing. Old grandmother with walking cane walking with lovely caregiver girl in sunny day. Happy woman and smiling grandma walking in autumn park.

Center For Life Skills

Interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students provide high-quality rehabilitation services tailored to the individual needs of community members and families who have experienced a neurological impairment, such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Community members interested in these unique services should contact the program manager to determine space availability as well as to learn more about the intake and assessment process. Once accepted as a participant in the Center for Life Skills (CLS), we work together to enhance each participant's quality of life, independence, health, and personal growth.

Tompkins Community Action Head Start

There’s nothing as happy and uplifting as the sights and sounds of little children. When they laugh and play, it seems we just have to laugh and play, too!

Many residents in senior communities say, “What I miss most is being around kids and pets.” As a “pet friendly” community and happy home to multiple dogs and cats, Longview has that part covered. The daily comings and goings of 3- and 4-year-olds and their families adds yet another special joy and lightheartedness to life here.

Adorable toddler with his grandfather relaxing at home reading a book together

Nature Trail

Take just a few steps from Longview’s main building or patio homes and you’re transported to an unexpected wonderland—a nature trail and wildlife refuge dedicated to the memory of Charles W. “Chuck” Broadhead, one of Longview’s founders and a supporter for over 40 years.

From a Longview resident, “The nature trail into the woods here is a huge comfort and place of wonder to me. There I can talk to the trees and moss and experience deeply the wonders of the creation of our universe.”

It’s clear that Chuck's goal of “encouraging seniors to stay engaged with the world around them” is achieved every time someone at Longview goes gently down the trail.


Over the ten square miles that is Ithaca you’ll find 150 waterfalls to visit. Many are accessible and an easy day walk or hike. There’s a reason they say, “Ithaca is Gorges!”


At 215 feet, Taughannock Falls is Ithaca's tallest. Here you can see the dramatic plunging waterfall from the rim trail or at one of the many overlooks.

Hiking Trails

There is no shortage of hiking trails in and around Ithaca. You can find trails that offer terrain for the easy going walk along hiker to the go all out mountain hiker. There's so much natural beauty for you to explore while getting your daily steps in.

Ithaca Has Something For Everyone.

Well, with over 159 waterfalls within 10 miles, Ithaca and the surrounding areas were literally carved out by glaciers that formed gorges millions of years ago. If you are looking for the best waterfalls in New York, Ithaca is the place to visit.