Short-Term Stay

Based on availability and with prior approval, short-term assisted living stay is often available as an option. On occasion, we even have folks join us when they need an independent living apartment during times of transition.

Short-Term Stay


Apartment living offers a perfect blend of privacy, neighborliness, and convenience. Your front door is the gateway between your personal sanctuary and a world of social connection and engaging programs. And we’ve got you covered with dining, housekeeping, and maintenance services.

Assisted Living Studios

Happily, the vast majority of people will never spend one day of their life in a nursing home. An assisted living studio at Longview is the ideal solution for people who need daily living support but don’t need all of the services and excessive costs of skilled nursing.

Enhanced assisted living affords our Residents the added daily support that they need and allows them to continue aging in place at Longview.

Teenage boy is talking to his grandmother while he washes the dishes in her kitchen.