June 2024: Nature Trails and Longview – Flexible and Accessible

June 1, 2024

Longview Map (front)

The weather is gorgeous over at Longview, so there’s no better time to be outdoors. Whether you want to soak up some sun, or relax in the shade, Longview has you covered. We are proud enjoyers of nature, as well as nature trails. We provide our residents with accessibility to trails both on-campus and off, where one can easily immerse themselves in flowing streams, chirping birds and lush flora throughout. 

If enjoying a morning coffee on your deck or patio isn’t active enough for you, pour that coffee in a to-go mug and hit Longview’s Broadhead Trail. This short but sweet path begins near Longview’s Patio Circle and leads into a wooded area, shaded by trees. Our maintenance staff take good care of our trail, so it will always be safe and clear of debris for trail walkers. If you don’t feel like walking the entire trail, there are two other entrances that lead out of the trail and back towards Longview. The trail is open to residents and visitors in search of a peaceful path for reflection or relaxation.

If you’re still hungry for more, our Longview Shuttle is ready to take you on more adventures. It brings residents to classes over at Ithaca College, various museums, parks and supermarkets, but also nature trails. Residents have enjoyed the Longview Walking Club by walking the Fall Creek Natural area, Black Diamond Trail, the Cornell Botanic Gardens, Cass Park and much more. 

Should you ever want to give Longview a visit, we would be delighted to show you our campus and trail. Simply give us a call at 607-375-6360 to schedule a tour or ask us any questions.