Extra care for you. Extra care by us.

The Enhanced Assisted Living Suites at Longview are located in our the Garden Level. It’s attached to the main building, and is close to all of the great activities Longview has to offer. It even has its own dining room! Some of the services provided in enhanced assisted living include but are not limited to assistance with mobility, incontinency care and assistance with feeding, dressing and bathing.

We provide cues for eating, directional assistance and participation in stimulating activities. The Garden Level is equipped overall with a secure care system to alert staff when exits are being utilized.

The secure care alert system is used as a means to ensure residents’ safety and not meant to prevent attempts of elopement.

Other services offered are nursing observation and documentation. The staffing levels in enhanced care are higher which allows more time for staff interaction with the residents. Moreover, staff manages medication and may administer medications in the resident’s room.

Most therapeutic diets are offered, including three meals a day and a snack. A nutritional consultant is on staff to monitor a resident’s diet.

Longview provides assisted living (ALR) and enhanced assisted living (EALR). Below is the link to the New York State Department of Health Adult Care Facility definitions of all levels of care offered in New York State.
Definitions from NYS Department of Health

Items needed for admission

  • Tour and interview with case manager
  • Assessment by nurse
  • Completed application with documentation (bank statements)
  • Completed and signed W-9 for depositing the security deposit in a bank account
  • Copy of Health Care Proxy (required)
  • Copy of DNR (optional)
  • Copy of Power of Attorney (optional/recommended)
  • Living Will (optional)
  • Completed medical form signed by physician, based on exam with 30 days of admission, including test for TB (give to nurse at least 2 days prior to admission)
  • Prescriptions from doctor at least two days prior to admission
  • Check, made payable to Longview, for $600 processing fee to hold room
  • Check, made payable to Longview, for security deposit equal to the monthly fee and a separate check for pro-rated monthly fee
  • Copies of insurance cards

Admission to Longview requires that you share with us certain written information. This includes, but may not be limited to, personal, financial and health information. All information shared with Longview is held in the strictest confidence and will not be released.