Becoming a Resident at Longview

Our admissions coordinator and case managers work closely to ensure your experience is smooth and just the beginning of a great experience with Longview.

The timeframe below indicates the average amount of time one needs to become a tenant/resident, but if you need more time to make the move, we’ll be here when you’re ready!

Steps for Assisted/Enhanced Living

Note that Assisted and Enhanced Assisted Living admission times tend to be longer than Independent Living admission due to assessment needs. All evaluations and assessments will occur after step 4’s “Approval.” Longview staff will work with you through this process.

1. Take a tour

A tour is a critical (and required!) component of finding out if Longview is a fit for you or your loved one. Request a tour online or call (607) 375-6320 to schedule.

Average timeframe: 1 week.

Book Your Tour

2. Interview

You’ll meet with a case manager to discuss the application and move-in process, determine what level of care is best, and ask questions.

Interview is held during your tour.

3. Complete required forms

After the case managers review the required paperwork with you, the next step is to complete and send in the forms.

Forms can be completed at your leisure.

4. Approval

Longview will review your application, inform you of any additional action needed, and promptly inform you of your status.

Average timeframe: 1 week.

Steps For Independent Living

Applying to our independent living program is easy as pie. First schedule a tour with us, then you’ll have a few required forms to complete, mainly financial and emergency contact info.

Relocation Resources

Moving can sometimes feel overwhelming! That’s why we put together this relocation guide, with tips for downsizing and things to do in Ithaca.