Our difference is our community.

Imagine waking up in the morning with nothing to worry about but deciding which activities to participate in, which dear friend to have lunch with, and what to wear to that evening’s special event. With little cooking or cleaning, home maintenance or yard care to contend with, you’re free to fill your days any way that makes you happy.

A life of fun, friendship and freedom awaits you at Longview.

“I’m Never Bored!”

One of the best aspects of Longview is its recreation activities. With over a dozen choices to pick from a day, you won’t be bored!


Restaurant-Style Dining

We know high quality food and an enjoyable dining experience is important. We won’t let you down.


A Youthful Connection

A unique partnership with Ithaca College allows interactions with students, opportunity to challenge yourself in the classroom, both on and off IC campus.

Ithaca College Partnership

Longview Adult Day Program

Looking to engage with a community of active seniors, but just for the day? Our Adult Day program may be exactly what you’re looking for! More info →

  • “The staff makes Longview seem like home, they’re friendly and outgoing! My husband and I are very happy here.” – Alice McCune

  • “I faced a lot of health challenges, but I had friends at Longview who supported me and I feel very blessed.” – Ardie Bennett

  • “I love that I live right across the road from Ithaca College. I enjoy going to the concerts and lectures on campus.” – Allen Minsky

We’re waiting for you!

A life of fun, friendship and freedom awaits you at Longview. We’ll walk you through the steps it takes to get here, from right now through your first day here.

How to begin