Longview and Ithaca College enjoy a unique and active program-based relationship.

Residents have access to a multitude of educational, social, cultural and health-related programs through each of the College’s five schools. College programs at Longview have included discussion groups, health promotion and wellness activities, health-related assessments, lectures, recreational activities and musical performances.

Residents can attend classes at the College, or attend classes at the Ithaca College classroom at Longview. Residents also have access to the College’s facilities such as the library, bookstore, pool and fitness center, and often enjoy the entertainment offerings at Ithaca College such as plays, art exhibits, recitals, sporting events and more.

During the school year, many of Longview’s activities are guided by Ithaca College’s work-study students and student volunteers. We also provide placement for fieldwork, community service, courses, and internships for students who come from a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Ithaca College Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy students and staff also collaborate with Longview staff to provide mobility and back safety training to resident aides. Not only does this training provide Longview staff with the skills to keep themselves and the residents they care for safe, it also provides graduate students with excellent hands-on opportunities in educational and clinical instruction.

The partnership between Ithaca College and Longview promotes intergenerational living and learning and is one of the factors that contribute to Longview’s reputation as a pioneer and leader in continuing care communities.

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