Are pets allowed?

Yes! At Longview, four-legged friends are as welcome as two-legged ones. Our residents make countless new friends here, but that doesn’t mean they have to leave old friends behind. We strongly believe in the life-affirming power of pets, and are delighted to have dogs and cats as a part of our community, both as visitors and with residents.

Do you accept Medicaid?

No, we cannot accept Medicaid.

How do I determine what level of care is appropriate for me?

Our Case Managers will meet with you (or your loved one) to help determine the appropriate level of care for your (or their) needs.

What are your visiting hours for residents?

There aren’t any- guests are welcome anytime at the discretion of the resident they are visiting.

Are you a nursing home?

Not yet. The highest level of care we currently provide is Enhanced Assisted Living in our Garden Level. Our long-term goal for the Garden Level, however, is to provide skilled nursing care.

What kinds of programming are provided?

More than you can imagine! Our Recreation Department offers everything from games, movies, lectures, trips, picnics, shopping, luncheon outings, crafts, art, music, exercise, and more.

Is there an emergency call system?

Yes. All independent apartments have one emergency call bell in the bedroom or main room and one in the bathroom. Assisted Living suites have one in the bedroom or main room, one by the shower in the bathroom and one by the commode in the bathroom. Enhanced Assisted Living Suites have one call bell by the bed, one by the shower and one by the commode. Resident Aides (RAs) are on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to emergency calls.

Can I fill my apartment or room with my own furnishings and decor?

Absolutely! It’s your home- bring your treasures and decorate it how you like!

What are the requirements to become a resident at Longview?

It depends on the level of care you’re seeking. Check out the pages for Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Enhanced Assisted Living to see the admissions requirements or contact one of our Case Managers for more information or to set up a meeting. All paperwork needed for admission is available to download on each page.

What’s the average wait like for an apartment?

On average, 3-6 months. However, depending on circumstances and what kind of apartment you’re seeking, it could be less or more. You can always call or email our Case Managers for more information about the Reservation List or to check your place on the list.

If a resident’s condition declines, must the resident leave Longview?

We understand the importance of consistency and stability in our residents’ lives, and so we offer a continuum of care ranging from Independent Living to Enhanced Assisted Living. Resident Services staff will meet with residents and family members to discuss changes in needs and if Longview is able to continue to provide appropriate care for the resident.

What are the meals like at Longview?

Fantastic, if you don’t mind us blowing our horn for a moment! Our elegant restaurant-style dining offers a wide variety of choices including many regional local favorites.